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About The Developer Reginaldo Fischer

Reginaldo Luís Fischer is a self-student systems analyst, who is too coursing Accounting college. Your skills include advanced Microsoft Access and VBA, SQL Server, Postgre-sql, VB.NET, a little of PHP and more. He is capable of learn and understand a new language in a few weeks and has a special gift for software developing.

He had developed tens of systems in 14 years of work:
- A commercial and manufacturing system, who has more than 1000 reports and more than 600K lines of code
- An operational and financial system for schools, who generates automatically absences, prints official reports for authorities, controls the monthly receivings and payments, controls the library, books loans, etc. An unique official report, that prints the final notes and number of absences of each series has more than 30k lines of code.
- A calculating system, who simulates a consumer’s network like Amway. The database of this system was created entirely by code, by one single reason: he has 1.270.000 (one million, two hundred and seventy thousand) fields! The system calculates the punctuation of each member in network, doesn’t making difference your position or what date if he’s entered.
- A system for companies that sales monthly planes of health companies, managing commissions of that own company and his salesmen, controlling cashier, printing receipts, etc.
- A incoming and out coming tourism system, who generates automatically vouchers, scales of services, invoices, calculates the closing of service orders, prints Demonstration of Results, and much more.
- And much, much more.

Reginaldo Luis Fischer is deeply felled in love for challenges, principally new challenges. He lives in Brazil and he are looking for opportunities in global scale to study new languages, develop new worlds, create new solutions and collaborate and show results for companies interesting in a very entrepreneur man.

He can be contacted by the mobile (55) (45) 9115 7915 or by the e-mail fischerexpertbrasil@gmail.com.

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